Nigel Day FCCA

Chief Executive Officer

Jonathan Segal

Chief Investment Officer

A qualified Accountant of more than 30 years’ experience, Nigel’s career has included managing trusts, banking, and private accountancy practice.


Outside of accountancy Nigel has run a residential & commercial property company and a leisure & hospitality company.


Nigel has worked with Really Cool for over 20 years and his experience brings to the table a wealth of knowledge in all areas of investment and business.  

Jonathan brings over 40 years experience in owning, operating and investing in many diverse companies from various industries. Jonathan started his business career in the hospitality industry and diversified into technology, financial payments, corporate services and life science.

As well as running and investing in private companies Jonathan has run a public company, listed on the NASDAQ is an adviser and on the board of directors of a number of private companies.

Jonathan is also on the advisory board of the Jonathan Tisch New York University Hospitality School as well as working with CU Boulder's Leeds Business School.